In today’s hot real estate market, many homebuyers are being forced to waive the condition of a home inspection in order to compete with other potential buyers. Buyers are left purchasing a property with little knowledge about the condition of the home and potential costs that may arise.NJ GOALD COAST HOME INSPECTIONS 3

Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn more about your home and protect your investment.

No Home is Perfect, Not Even Your Dream Home

Maintenance and upkeep are a routine part of home ownership and required to keep your home in the best condition. But where do you start?

A home inspector will help evaluate your home and identify key areas that will require immediate maintenance or eventual upkeep. They can even help forecast the costs required to improve, repair or maintain areas of your home that need attention.

A Home Condition Report inspects all major systems in your home and provides you with a one-on-one session with an experienced professional who will teach you about your new home – including answering questions you may not have had a chance to ask during the home-buying process.

Questions could include:

  • Is the electrical system safe and in good order?
  • How long will the furnace last for and what is the expected lifetime of the air conditioner?
  • Is the home at risk of moisture issues/flooding?
  • How long will the furnace last and what is the life expectancy of the air conditioner?
  • Does the roof show signs of leaking and how long will it last?

How Much Does It Cost

A home condition report starts at $450 and can save you thousands of dollars in unforeseen repairs.

For a limited time, all condition reports come with complimentary membership in our Homeowners Association, which provides access to huge savings for home related products and renovations.

Stop Worrying and Start Saving

NJ Gold Coast Home Inspection  can help reduce the risk, stress and potential costs that come with foregoing a home inspection


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