NJ Gold Coast Home Inspection  is the Condo Inspection Specialist! Our team of trained condo inspectors use a rigorous inspection protocol to identify and evaluate the specific issues that your condo unit could have.  As condo units rise in value, these inspections have become an integral part of any purchase. They can identify issues in units and provide reassurance and education to potential owners.

Why You Need A Condo Inspection

A condo inspection is important for several reasons:

  • It can reduce your liability as a buyer and a seller
  • It provides insight on common issues with condominium units including moisture, heating and cooling, air quality, and prior damage.
  • Provides ballpark pricing for necessary condo improvements
  • Gives buyers and sellers a second opinion that the property is as presented

What Comes With A Condo Inspection

Our condo inspections follow the NJ Gold Coast Home Inspection  inspection protocol. They cover the issues with a visual inspection by trained staff, and are typically less expensive than a home inspection.  They are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection, and come with free technical consulting for as long as you own the property. They also include useful maintenance tips and advice that can save you money in the long run.

Why Are We Considered the Experts?

Experience.  We have more than anyone else.

Our expertise comes from being in one of the most condominium-dense cities in North America. Our experience in Hoboken, Jersey City, Hudson and Bergen Counties.- These Markets give us exposure to a wide range of high-rise, low-rise and townhouse units.  We’ve seen and inspected it all- and that’s why we’re your experts in condominium inspection.


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